Experience Raw Lyricism at Its Finest with Myquale’s “fortyfour4’s”

    Myquale, a producer and rapper hailing from Milwaukee but based in Chicago, has dropped his latest single, “fortyfour4’s,” accompanied by a music video. The title of the song is a nod to his wordplay, and it features a catchy melody from the up-and-coming artist. With previous releases such as “Never or Now,” “Gangsta Party” (featuring Trapo), and a collaboration with Hush Forte on “Dominicana,” Myquale has established himself as one of the most promising new voices emerging from the Midwest music scene.

    Myquale’s “fortyfour4’s” is a testament to his exceptional style and ingenuity, drawing inspiration from Jay-Z’s “22 Two’s” and featuring a unique variation of the word “four” repeated 44 times in the lyrics. The track showcases Myquale’s talents as a rapper and a producer, with production credits going to Myquale, Niko the Great, and Immy the OG. With its intricate wordplay and infectious beat, “fortyfour4’s” promises a memorable listening experience that will undoubtedly impact anyone who hears it.

    Directed by Carter Green, the music video takes viewers on a contemplative journey through Myquale’s hometown of Milwaukee on a winter day, capturing the neighborhood he grew up in. As he walks, Myquale offers an introspective look into his life through the lyrics of “fortyfour4’s,” allowing viewers to share his personal journey.

    Check out the new video for “fortyfour4’s” below:


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