Nashville’s $avvy Shows He Was Born to Win on “Booyah!”

    It’s safe to say that Nashville-based rapper $avvy is no ordinary artist. We heard from him last spring when he released his 2022 sophomore album, POOR, and since that release, he’s been working on his craft. That project was particularly special because it allowed his creativity to move freely—revealing sides to his sound. One year later, POOR still holds up like it just dropped, so I was excited when I saw $avvy has made his return with a new single.

    Usually, I find myself complaining when rising artists take gaps to release new music. But listening to $avvy’s newly released single, “Booyah!” might’ve changed my mind. “Booyah!” is the first single from his third studio album, Bunny. The one-year hiatus allowed him to grow more as an artist, especially with his rapping abilities. It’s very noticeable that he has taken significant strides with his craft, especially regarding his flow and overall charisma. He sounds poised and comfortable over the new age boom-bap production. Not only has his rapping elevated, but also his creative wordplay noticeably improved.

    “As long as you know the team been established / As long as you know I’m better than the average / I keep two white boys with me like the Mavericks” — $avvy raps on “Booyah!”

    Despite its unique offerings, Nashville’s music scene is often overlooked and undervalued. While it may not be as popular as Atlanta or New York, there has been a notable rise in its music scene, and I am excited to witness its growth.

    Listen to “Booyah!” by $avvy below.


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