Nashville-Based Artist $avvy Releases Masterful New Album ‘POOR’

    Nashville-based artist $avvy’s extraordinary style shines bright on his new album ‘POOR.’ This solid follow-up to his first project ‘Boys Wear Pearls‘ better represents his unconventional, creative vision. Refusing to conform or limit himself as an artist, he allows his creativity to run wild on this 15-song LP.

    Standing out as an artist is more complicated than the average listener realizes. You must be able to visually captivate your audience with your aesthetic and be able to not blend in with the rest. $avvy should give a TED-Talk on how to stand out because this multi-hyphenate constantly finds ways to be unforgettable in this new album. If I had to describe the feelings invoked within me when I listen to this project, it feels like when you are a kid and you look through a kaleidoscope. Weirdly enough, this project is beautiful, but just like a kaleidoscope, for the same reason I found the beauty in it, you might see something different but equally beautiful.

    “I just wanted to make something that felt good” -$avvy discussing the single ‘Go’ on WNXP Nashville.

    $avvy went above and beyond when it came to fleshing this project out, fusing elements of hip-hop, pop, and even R&B. Bouncing from vibe to vibe, he doesn’t lose his footing musically when he switches things up. Seriously, so many of these songs are given their full justice because they can stand on their own. When I initially heard the intro track, ‘CALL,’ I knew at that moment that $avvy was about to knock this project out of the park. Thinking it doesn’t get any better than that, $avvy provides even more tracks that sound dreamy and hazy like the previously released single ‘Go,’ and the melodic Pluggnb influenced track ‘STUPID/DUMB‘ that hit the sweet spot. 

    Now that he is 2/2 and has no stains on his discography, he seems like an icon in the making in the “Cashville” music scene. Check out the new album below via Spotify.


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