NC Riser Jaah SLT Is ‘Feeling Hot’ in New Single

    Continuing his hot streak since dropping his viral single ‘Tuff‘ in 2019, Charlotte native Jaah SLT is vying to make his mark. His new single/video ‘Feeling Hot‘ finds Jaah SLT doing what he does best, unleashing an animated flow perfectly on top of a high-energy trap-punk beat. He might be signed to Alamo Records, but he wants people to know, “I was hot before the deal/I was talking sh-t for real.”

    Directed by LKSvisuals, the video features Jaah SLT bringing his lyrics to life with black and white visuals showing a serious Jaah SLT playing chess with a worthy opponent, himself. His calm and determined manner contrasting with his over-the-top lyrics and his wild dance moves in other scenes. The new release is just the latest proof that Jaah SLT is dead-set on making his mark on the rap scene with passion and creativity. Check out the new video down below and stream the single here.


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