N!c Wears His Heart on His Sleeve in “Mimosas,” the Standout Single off His “So Far So Great” EP

    Now that Valentine’s day is over, people can stop spreading their love propaganda and forcing love down our throats. Who needs love when you can have drinks and a good time? But in all seriousness, I can’t be the only one who shares this mindset. N!c, a rising artist based out of Los Angeles, is similar to me because he also likes wearing his heart on his sleeve. His new EP “So Far So Great” boasts an impressive collection of tracks, but “Mimosas” stands out in particular due to its poignant and raw lyricism. The song delves into the artist’s innermost thoughts and emotions, revealing depth and vulnerability.

    Yourfriendrado and Apo’s production creates an immersive and lively experience that brings the song to life and energizes N!c to express himself. Through his vivid lyrics, N!c conveys his emotional response to his situation. Rather than dwelling on his losses, he adopts a detached attitude and brushes them off.

    Through its skillful use of color coordination, the music video for “Mimosas” masterfully brings to life N!c’s theme of accepting life’s hand. The abundant use of color coordination in the video creates a visually stunning aesthetic. The colors themselves serve as a powerful symbol of N!c’s wide range of emotions, making a bold statement that resonates with the viewer.

    As someone who considers themselves an empath, I can resonate with the emotions that N!c conveys in this track. Forget whatever you previously heard, N!c’s new EP, “So Far so Great,” is a great listen.

    Be sure to check out “So Far So Great” below.


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