Neemz Returns With an Irresistible New Single “Guidance”

    Boston-based Palestinian artist Neemz is providing a unique and unconventional approach to R&B. Making a name for herself with her distinctive blend of Palestinian heritage and contemporary music, her self-confidence and vision show that she is a rising star in the creative world who will continue making waves into 2023.

    Neemz strives fearlessly and confidently, attracting listeners to her personality and brand, along with her powerful music. In her new single “Guidance,” she showcases her poise and confidence more than ever before. In every song she creates, she blends profound meaning with stunning sound, resulting in a musical catalog that serves a higher purpose, and “Guidance” is no different. The single is accompanied by a Simon Morrison-directed video that displays the concept of trusting the process as she finally begins to feel guided through her journey. Neemz challenges herself and her audience to step out of their cycles and move more intentionally by being present in the moment.

    Neemz’s skill as a singer, songwriter, and overall performer is on full display, allowing the listener to peer into her future as an artist. Her evolution as an artist over the past few years makes her catalog a seriously eclectic ride that has her own unique signature.

    Watch the video for “Guidance” below.


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