Neilá Brings You Into an Alternate World on ‘What’s Your Sign?’

    Florida native and Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Neilá is back with her follow-up EP to her last project Venus, which dropped in July of 2019. This time we are being taken to a totally different solar system with her new EP “What’s Your Sign?.”

    What’s Your Sign?” brings you into an alternate world. Nostalgic, yet otherworldly, this new EP from Neilá shows her growth as an artist and alien. Live instrumentation, hypnotizing melodies and playful lyrics bring you closer to take off, landing you directly in the center of Neilá’s world. “Honestly, it was more flow with this project and after that, I started to piece together the storyline as we went.” Neilá wrote of the track in an email. “Visually, it came in a dream and I went from there.” Check out the new EP down below. 

    Stupid Mf, the last song on the EP, is the first visual release from this project. Bringing the 60’s sound with a modern twist, the music video for Stupid Mf takes us back in time, but also into an alternate reality. Another earth-like place, where a blue alien girl (Neilá) is the main character, channeling Diana Ross in her performance of Stupid Mf.


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