Neo-Soul Artist Cyanca Returns with an Insatiable New Single “Idk”

    North Carolina has birthed its fair share of musical talents, and among them is the captivating neo-soul artist Cyanca. Her musical journey has been marked by innovation and a fearless approach to pushing boundaries. Following her 2021 sophomore EP Fast Times, which showcased her exceptional vocals and songwriting skills, Cyanca is now back with a new single titled “Idk.”

    “Idk” is an impressive single that offers a glimpse into the new direction Cyanca is taking with her sound. Her vocals, featuring a delightful touch of raspiness, meld with the meticulously crafted downtempo elements present throughout the production. This harmonious fusion not only showcases her artistic versatility but makes it a perfect addition to any playlist.

    “Had a lot of dark days than good days when I wrote this. Like why me and my shower crying at the same time? But I’m grateful for family, friends, and, most importantly, my fans, who remind me who I am every day. This song is for anyone who ever doubted their purpose.”

    — Cyanca

    Cyanca’s ability to blend her soulful voice with modern soundscapes is a testament to her artistry. “Idk” displays her growth and hints at the exciting directions she’s taking in her music. The diversity of musical influences she draws upon enriches the new single with layers of complexity, and her willingness to push boundaries while staying true to her soulful roots is evident.

    Listen to “Idk” below.


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