LA-Based Artist Ness Julius Releases Alluring New Project “Pretty Girls Cry Too”

    Houston-born, LA-based artist Ness Julius has put all his energy into building and perfecting his sound. Uniquely personal in his music, Julius blends alternative R&B sounds with hip-hop production that makes for a compelling listen. His brand new project “Pretty Girls Cry Too” showcases his redefined new sound as he looks to make his stamp in the music industry. “This body of work is different than other projects by me because I’ve grown so much over the years, I’m speaking from a much different place now,” he said to us via email.

    Throughout the 12-song project, Julius’ melodic arrangements carefully create a cosmic sonic playground. Each track showcases his vocal prowess, capturing presence, and lyrical talents, in addition to his multi-dimensional genre-bending musical approach. The intro track “Die For Me” is an infectious offering that pulls you in and drags you under. Julius’ vocals find a balance of earnest and honest lyrics drenched in an R&B environment. Songs like “Love Letters,” “Passion & Pleasure,” and “Please Me Nice” are empowering, thoughtful, and expressing; allowing you to dive into the project in all the right ways.

    “I hope that listeners really tap in and appreciate the layers on this project. There’s a reason why I took so long to drop a project, I wanted to make sure everything was synchronized and flowed together nicely. So I hope that listeners can escape in the soundscape of this project.” – Ness Julius

    There is no denying Ness Julius’ talent as he continues to elevate with each release; he is undeniably one of the most exciting voices in underground R&B right now, and an artist we cannot wait to hear more from in the coming years. Check out the new project down via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service.


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