Newman and Benny Okoto Unite For “The Last of Many”

    “The Last of Many” is a dynamic collaboration between Newman and Benny Okoto, both esteemed members of the Ten $teps Ahead collective. North Carolina-based producer Señor Bennett skillfully handled the production, infusing the track with a captivating sonic landscape. The music video for the single was expertly directed and edited by DaRemen J. and Terry Suave of Dream Studios, adding a visually stunning dimension to Newman’s artistic vision.

    “The Last of Many” was born out of a New Year’s Eve celebration, surrounded by loved ones. During a lighthearted toast, one of Newman’s brothers jokingly raised a glass to “the last of many more shots.” This seemingly playful remark struck a chord within Newman, prompting him to reflect on the importance of discipline and consistency in his artistic journey. Determined to challenge himself, Newman resolved to let go of long-held ideas and embrace the courage to take those metaphorical shots. The energy from the beginning of the year propelled Newman and his collaborators, ensuring that they remained steadfast in their pursuit of greatness.

    “The Last of Many” serves as the title track for Newman’s upcoming project, set to be released at the end of June. Inspired by Kanye West’s legendary G.O.O.D. Friday’s series, Newman originally intended to release a collection of singles every week, staying true to the idea of “many more shots.” However, these songs naturally evolved into a cohesive project, resulting in the highly anticipated project. Acting as a prelude to his debut album, LANIA, dropping in the fall, Newman’s mixtape promises to showcase his exceptional talent and innovative sound.


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