Nick Diminico Transports Listeners to Another Dimension With New Album ‘Heart Millennium 2000’

    Atlanta, Georgia artist Nick Diminico ends the 2021 year off strong with his newest, highly anticipated 10-track album “Heart Millennium 2000.” Featuring production from himself and Turner, Nick Diminico finally finds his footing.

    This has been quite the year for Nick Diminico. With a few singles/leaks sprinkled throughout the year and creating his collective NBDMG’s “Black Jacket” LP, Nick has been focusing precisely on how he can paint the picture of his current life and the lessons he has learned through his music. “Heart Millennium 2000” speaks to the time of Nick’s musical absence. He details the successes, failures, and love that he’s experienced, all mixed in his computer like a wizard’s cauldron.

    In my opinion, one thing Nick does very well with this project is the storytelling. The specific track titles speak to their subject, but how they flow together is where the story is brought to life. You hear the ups and downs; the mood changes consistently, but it always comes back to its even ground. Showcasing that through everything that Nick has gone through in his absence, he has not lost the essence of who he is. If anything, who he was has become something much more than he could imagine—something only to be discovered in “Heart Millennium 2000.”

    An example of this can be heard in the flow from “Cinnamon” to “PSG.” Nick relays the feelings of infatuation to their soon-to-come feelings of unfamiliarity. You’re given the same sense of movement, but almost in reverse with “Out of Sight” to “Pay Me (Mind).” With this transition of songs, you soon become a listener in a room of Nick and his therapist—invited to join, and seeing the true Nick Diminico embedded with every lyric and instrumental on this project.

    Wholly hand-crafted and entirely written, produced, and mixed by the 27-year-old budding artist with the help of longtime collaborator Turls on the mastering, Nick Diminico ends the 2021 year off with an epilogue of the time we’ve passed and creates a prologue from the times that will come. The future is bright for Nick—as he reflects on his recent release, the ideas of what’s to come in this new millennium of hearts are unbound.

    Stream the new album below.


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