Nicodagoat Takes Listeners on an Emotional Journey with “Slow Jamz, Vol. 2

    Nicodagoat’sSlow Jamz, Vol. 2″ is just as the title intends. Laced with seven tracks, Nicodagoat couples smooth production with soft vocals to deliver a euphoric experience. “Slow Jamz, Vol. 2″ explores the idea of love and lust while highlighting the hurt that may come with the two. Specifically, the tough task of moving on from a relationship may have felt endless. Hailing out of Atlanta, GA, this project is a testament to chapters in his life rather than trying to fit a certain sound. 

    When asked how the project came together and what it means to him, Nicodagoat stated, “when I did the first Slow Jamz, I was going through the process of learning love and how to let go of my previous relationships and not bring all that baggage to the next one.” He added, “Vol. 2 is more on the flip side of that concept, dealing with the pain and thoughts that come with moving on from someone who may have been the one in the right world. This was definitely my most vulnerable project, so it means a lot to know it’s out there in the world and could help someone get through their situation one day like music has done for me so many times.”

    Nicodagoat’s emotion captured within the project will surely resonate with the listeners who have experienced the same heartache in the past or present. His lyrics, paired with the soulful melody throughout the project, will surely take the listeners on an emotional journey from beginning to end. These dynamic battles are highlighted in tracks such as “Damaged” and “Can’t Save You,” where Nicodagoat details how a faded relationship can leave us questioning where we went wrong and how we could right the wrongs.

    Slow Jamz, Vol. 2” is Nicodagoat’s most personal and vulnerable release to date. The body of work represents the end of an era as he moves toward the next evolution of his sound and creative vision as he continues to branch out with his Imperium brand.

    Listen to the project below.


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