Nkosi Bourne Drops Captivating New Single “Are You Ready?”

    Brooklyn-based rapper Nkosi Bourne has been honing his craft in the shadows, perfecting his lyrical finesse and unique sound. Now, he’s ready to step into the limelight. His latest single, “Are You Ready?” is the perfect introduction to his talent and artistry. This single is more than just a song; it’s a reflection of Bourne’s personal journey and growth.

    Bourne’s music is a blend of his diverse influences, and “Are You Ready?” is a prime example. The single, with its rhythmic beats and introspective lyrics, encapsulates Bourne’s journey to self-awareness and empowerment. As he puts it, “This single stems from me finding confidence in my dating life, understanding what I want from it, and realizing what I bring to my relationships.” The song is a manifestation of his experiences, not confined to one person but echoing a collective sentiment.

    “Are You Ready?” emerged from a place of realization for Bourne. One where stepping away from toxic situations and focusing on self-awareness was crucial for his own growth. This insight has shaped the emotional depth of the track. The single encapsulates his conscious lyricism and melodic finesse. As he steps into the spotlight, it’s clear that his unique blend of sounds and his commitment to self-expression will make a lasting impact

    Listen to “Are You Ready?” below.


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