Noah Does His Due Diligence With His Debut Album ‘Mirrors In A Mausoleum’

    It has been a long time coming, but New Jersey artist Noah has finally delivered his debut album, ‘Mirrors In A Mausoleum‘ to the masses. Having been lucky enough to catch glimpses of his career beforehand, it all comes together and leads to this moment.

    I had to Google what a Mausoleum was before I listened to this project. I was thrown for a loop when I found out its definition meant a large building that contains tombs. Back in the day, they placed mirrors in places of mourning. They believed that demons or negative spirits were attracted to these places because that’s where loss is felt the most. But if timed perfectly, you could see them in the mirror’s reflection. Once I listened to the album in its entirety, it all made sense because this album is a reflection of every emotion that Noah has ever experienced.

    “All that was living in me, every drop of wonder, loneliness, guilt, hate, love, hesitation, self-doubt, self-absorption, and ego now lives within this collection of songs.” — Noah

    Made up of 11-songs, this album—front to back, is everything you would expect and well worth the wait. Noah is all about versatility. He has bars for days in some tracks, while he can show off a more melodic side of him in others. Noah saves his best for last with his outro track ‘Casamigos,’ where he teams up with his New Jersey brethren, Chris Patrick. The two let loose as they trade off bars back and forth, building off each other’s energy.

    Real music is one of the few abstract concepts that can stand the test of time. Noah has assembled an album that other artists could dream of making, providing a vibe for every type of music lover. With a great team behind him like CXR, there is no limit to what Noah can achieve. 

    Check out the new album below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming service. 


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