Noble Embarks on a Quest for Personal Growth with ‘Back Home’

    Following the release of his debut full-length project “The Places You’ll Go,” an album that gave the best of both worlds ranging from rap, R&B, and alternative elements, Bakersfield, California artist Noble returns with his brand new EP “Back Home.” At 5-songs in length, the new EP displays Nobel arriving at a highly requested and natural sound to him. At its brief length of 13 minutes, Noble preciously fuses elements of electronic and alternative soundscapes to generate an abstract sound. This immaculate balance between nostalgia and novel is undeniably shaping up Noble to emerge as a definitive artist of his generation.

    “Back Home” is a kaleidoscope of bright beats and tender melodies. Every track on the EP acts as a tribute to youth culture with poignant lyrics that make for a comforting listen. But it is his multifaceted vocals and the impressive instrumentation that promises hope and showcases his growth not only as an artist but as an individual. Tracks like ‘Faces’ and ‘Down Bad’ allow Noble to create an alternative take on pop that skips the dramatics and features brilliant production alongside his heartfelt lyrics.

    In many ways, with the release of “Back Home,” Noble carves out a unique niche for himself. It is one informed by the pop mentality that a good chorus is one that simultaneously strikes your heart and gets stuck in your head for weeks to come, as well as the heart-racing inclinations of pop-punk. The next wave of pop belongs to Noble, it is just up to him to see where he will take it. Finally, it seems that the California kid is as his EP name suggests, back home. Stream the new EP down below.


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