Noble Oozes Passion on New Album ‘The Places You’ll Go’

    Born in Mission Hills and brought to Bakersfield California at a very young age Noble moved around nonstop throughout his youth but always found comfort and company in one thing, music. His debut full-length project The Places You’ll Go gives the best of both worlds ranging from Rap, R&B, and alternative elements. Continuing to grow his catalog and evolve his sound, the sky’s the limit.

    At 16-songs in length, the album has a runtime of 44-minutes. Throughout the track-list, Noble manages to display various assets of his artistry. Each record is a slow-burning poetic look into Noble’s internal struggle and personal growth. The songs on this album are mature, well-written, and vocally stunning. The Places You’ll Go shows that Noble is just at the beginning of his artistic journey and that this body of work may just be his best. Tracks like Soho and Ride With Me are slow and drawn-out, adding to a heightened sense of raw emotionality. From the moment The Places You’ll Go begins, listeners are pulled into a passionate escape in the form of Noble’s scintillating new Rap and R&B sound. Check out the new album down below.


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