NOBY Reminiscences on the Past on “Before”

    Listening to alt R&B singer/songwriter and producer NOBY is the equivalent of having a therapy session in the form of music. Thanks to his fierce pen game, NOBY seems to understand how to process and creatively express his emotions. And from the outside looking in, the fact that he is signed to a legendary label like Motown seems like the perfect situation for the Alabama native to cultivate his talent to the next level. Prepping to release his upcoming album, he blessed the world with his single, “Before,” showing that he’s barely reached his peak.

    “Before” places listeners in the shoes of NOBY as he honestly reflects on how things could’ve played out differently in a perfect world. NOBY doesn’t even try to fight the feeling of defeat and seems to be pondering how he should adequately move forward. It’s pretty heartbreaking that you can sense the disappointment and frustration in heartfelt lyrics like, “We’re all broken anyway” and “Give a mile you gone run with it, baby.”

    This song might be one of the most shameless songs that have come out this year for how honest NOBY is with himself. If his soon-to-be-released project brings that same amount of emotional intensity, it’s hard to imagine a world where NOBY isn’t securing him a spot in the new era of R&B.

    But for the time being, be sure to stream “Before” on Spotify below.


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