NOLAN fka (Nolan the Ninja) Returns With Soulful Downtempo Single “Houndstooth”

    Known for his boom-bap production style and skillful lyricism, Cali-born, Detroit-bred rapper-producer NOLAN fka’s new single “Houndstooth” sees him taking a new approach and showcasing his musical range in new ways. Produced by VIBSNDS, “Houndstooth” is unlike anything the multi-faceted artist has released thus far.

    “Houndstooth” demonstrates NOLAN’s range and potential as an artist. The adept emcee takes a laid-back approach, resulting in a smooth soul record with immense replay value. Speaking on the new release, NOLAN shares that “‘Houndstooth’ is a product of my admiration for outlets such as Soulection, Godsconnect, etc. It has that downtempo soul feel but also shows influence from the lo-fi community. The beat is dreamy, the lyrics are relatable, and it’s just an overall solid record that everyone will eventually add to their playlists.”

    “Houndstooth” channels where the Detroit artist is at the moment, especially regarding situationships, ultimately, the direction of his upcoming project. Throughout the track, NOLAN fka gives you a little bit of everything and blends it with his unique sound that hits you like a hot shower on a cold day.


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