NOLAN fka Shares “QT (let’s chill)” Ahead of New Album

    Cali-born, Detroit-bred artist NOLAN fka, formerly known as Nolan the Ninja, is ready to elevate his musical career to new heights with his coming, highly anticipated album, “don’t get TOO excited.” Throughout the years, NOLAN has made a name for himself in the rap world, constantly pushing the limits of the genre and evolving his sound. This new album makes NOLAN eager to pay tribute to his musical roots, and the lead single “QT (let’s chill),” clearly represents this sentiment.

    Produced by VIBSNDS, who also produced half of the album “QT (let’s chill),” is a masterful display of NOLAN fka’s musical abilities. VIBSNDS brings out the best in NOLAN’s sound, showcasing his upbeat verses and signature lo-fi beats. A testament to his DIY ethos in every aspect, the approach taken on this record adds to its charm, giving it a raw and authentic feel.

    “QT (let’s chill)” follows the release of his previous singles, “Houndstooth” and “Cinderella.” As many anticipate what’s to come from NOLAN fka next up, he seems very satisfied with himself on “QT (let’s chill),” embodying the truth that grinding past the initial discomfort of doing what you love will lead you directly to where you were always meant to be.

    Liste to “QT (let’s chill)” below:


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