North Carolina’s Steezie Delivers New Project ‘Steez’

    North Carolina hip hop has been on fire lately, so much so that people may forget how deep the NC underground is. Stepping into the winter mix with a new release from Raleigh is an upcoming artist and producer Steezie. Today, Steezie has dropped his new project, “Steez.” The artist who’s originally from Zimbabwe gives us a cohesive body of work that effectively sets him apart from the crowd.

    Art Direction: @vaprart

    Having his hand in engineering, and production throughout the majority of the project. The jack of all trades who has been making music consistently has stated, “I feel inspired to give the people new music consistently, I feel new.” And it feels that way, this project is extremely energy driven. When asked how the project came together, Steezie had this to say to SL over email: “It stemmed from me always wanting to make a project by myself from scratch and having full creative control” he said. “I felt like this was the first album I made without having any distractions so I felt like myself again, hence the title.

    Stream the new project down below.


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