North London’s bib sama. Hits His Creative Stride on Debut Project “PLATINUS”

    North London’s bib sama. is nothing like you’ve heard before. Yes, people may use that cliché loosely to describe your average wave rapper, but there is genuinely something revolutionary being made at the hands of sama. After six years of making music, his recent feats have prickled the ears of a generation known for being fast-paced and progressive. He’s on track to being a cult favorite. Taking inspiration from progressive hyper-rap artists like Lancey Foux and JPEGMafia, anime classics like Akira and Berserk, and world-renowned lyricism from Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the creator; you’re going to hear a bit of everything from this student of music.

    The 22-year-old has already cultivated a following on the world’s fastest-growing app, TikTok, with a following of 19k avid listeners in love with his wise quips and sound clips he shares on his rise to the top. Making his debut on our page today, his new project “PLATINUS” is a high-octane 12-track offering that, in its entirety, encompasses that London grittiness entwined with high synths and skittish ways of US trap music. Previously released singles like “CLC!!,” “NEVA EVA!!” and “TAKE ONE” did an excellent job setting the tone regarding what we can expect from the body of work. The atmospheric dope-sounding tunes can stand alone on their own, but the focal point I feel looming in the background is how well the project sounds together. Whether it’s upbeat tracks like “IN THE END” and “OUT!!,” or more relaxed tracks like “BELIEVE ME” and “THINK OF ME,” there is a lot to offer, with “PLATINUS” being a solid debut to throw in your rotation for this summer.

    Overall, bib sama. really shows his ability and illustrates his life throughout this debut project. It’s a well-crafted offering that can branch him off in the right direction, with it being a solid 12-tracks that transition well, pack a punch, and are riddled with quotable lyrics and authenticity. Check out the new project below.


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