NOX Notify is Revolutionizing Sneaker Culture One Pair at a Time


    The sneaker reselling industry is one that continues to only expand and get more competitive. With this growth, cook groups” that specialize in early sneaker information have become more and more common. The issue that arises is that a new group or influencer appears on the market daily. They all promise to be the best and that is what makes it hard to determine what companies are actually credible. 

    The minds behind NOX Notify have tackled this prevalent issue by being transparent and offering a comprehensive approach for a reselling oriented group. This group makes the statement that they are revolutionizing sneaker culture one pair at a time – and they don’t disappoint. Let’s get deeper into how they pull this off.

    The NOX Notify team consists of experts who have been in the reselling industry for years. These professionals provide insider info on Sneakers, Shock Drops, Art/Ticket/Collectible Reselling, and Sports Betting that you will receive nowhere else. 

    An example of the early information for the recent Travis Scott 6s:

    One of the best aspects to NOX Notify is that you do not even have to own a sneaker bot to start profiting from reselling. All information that is provided is also applicable to manual users and custom guides are written for each release. They also feature premium slots that are ran by their professional slot team. The highly profitable items that are secured using these premium slots easily pay back the cost of the monthly membership. 

    To top it off, NOX Notify is backed by an outstanding development team that provides custom developed tools to users. Some of the most popular features include: Shopify Queue Bypass Generator, Billing Converter, and a One Click Captcha Tool. All of these tools can be found within the NOX Hub cross platform application provided to each member. 

    The final takeaway from NOX Notify that sets it apart from others is that the group has a professional and respectable community that ranges from beginners to pros. All the information is neatly organized, and any ambiguity is promptly cleared up by staff members. The community is extremely inclusive and with the best insider information currently available it is easy to see why NOX Notify continues to thrive.

    All memberships are currently sold out, but you can sign up for the waiting list and follow their twitter to keep an eye out for restocks.

    NOX Notify Waitlist