NY’s J.U.S.T Holds Nothing Back on Debut EP ‘A NY Love Story’

    Photography by Alan-Michael Duval


    NY’s J.U.S.T unbinds himself from despair and grief as outlined on his debut EP A NY Love Story. The EP offers a glimmer of hope. J.U.S.T embraces his soulful vocals in a way that radiates warmth, allowing for some of his most magnetizing work, even if brief in their moments of enthrallment.

    The laid back style makes this an easy casual listen, but don’t let that distract from some truly fantastic rapping and singing. The production here is also beautiful. Baited has got to be one of the most gorgeous tracks of the year, with some soulful samples and an unbelievable singing and rapping performance from J.U.S.T and Amber Simone. J.U.S.T can transition seamlessly between rapping and singing, has an impeccable ear for production, and a distinctive drawl of a delivery that makes his music incredibly endearing and sensual.

    I really recommend this album to anyone who enjoys gorgeous vocals, original songwriting, and great melodies. The production although it sounds a bit minimalistic, is not bad, as I think it adds to the atmosphere J.U.S.T is trying to create on this EP. Even for an EP honestly, this guy is criminally underrated and I think he’ll only grow to be bigger in the coming years. Stream the new EP down below.

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