Oakland’s Own Ovrkast. Drops Nostalgic New Single ‘Gol Chane’

    Ovrkast. definitely seems like an artist with an old soul. It could be due to his love for jazz music or his conscious subject matter. His timeless new single, Gol Chane sounds like something that could pass in the early 2000s and certainly right now.

    Honestly, this song felt like a walk down memory lane. Produced by Ovrkast. himself, the J-Dilla/Alchemist-influenced instrumental reverts you back to a time when artistry was at one of its highest peaks. It wasn’t about who had the biggest ego in their music, but who could speak from the soul and have a message filled with substance. Ovrkast. is a student of the game and learned from the greats.

    It’s only fitting to have a music video to bring his poetic words to life. Shot by video director, Flatspot and edited by Ovrkast., this video feels surreal. Movie aficionados will appreciate his homage to legendary filmmaker Spike Lee. Perfect utilization of the “dolly shot” by Ovrkast., would surly make Spike Lee proud. The rest of the visuals are polished and match up to the song’s rhythm, displaying a new photograph in-between.

    Don’t be fooled when he’s not producing music for himself or other great artists like Earl Sweatshirt, Ovrkast. still finds time to show what he’s lyrically capable of. Check out the new video, and make sure to stream the single below.


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