okay coleman! Takes Us on an Emotional Journey with Impressive Double Release

    Pasadena, CA artist/producer okay coleman! has made a name for himself with his stunning voice and unique take on alternative R&B music. Fusing a melancholic sound with a west coast style, he continues to dazzle with each release. His latest comes in the form of a double single consisting of ‘Save Some More For Me‘ and ‘I want U To Myself.’ coleman! often transforms moments of love and obsession into a song flowing with vivid imagery. On ‘Save Some More For Me,’ coleman! showcases his vocal control, and the light strain on his voice allows for emotions to flow off seamlessly.

    On ‘Save Some More For Me,’ okay coleman! reflected,

    “The track was one of the first things I recorded last September after my laptop and hard drive were stolen with all of my previous work. So after not making music for a couple of months, the writing process was very much a jumpstart back into a relationship with music. It was also some of the first times I tried to push my voice into singing a little more.”

    I want U To Myself‘ sees okay coleman! taking a unique lyrical approach, choosing to focus on the undeniably self-centered point-of-view many of us have. “I have an extensive background of journaling crazy and transcendental dreams, and this was one of the first tracks where I share a tad bit of the journal in my music,” he shared. “The melody and words for ‘I Want U To Myself‘ came to me in a dream originally as something different,” he added.

    okay coleman! continues to prove himself as a force to be reckoned with. These two singles are him opening up to the world, showing he’s not afraid to be vulnerable and embrace his feelings. You can listen to okay coleman!’s buttery vocals and witness the enchanting nature of his latest below.


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