okaykirby’s Refreshing New EP “Outside” Showcases His Laid-Back Flow

    Boston’s hip-hop scene has gained a new gem with the release of Outside, the latest EP from the talented rapper and producer okaykirby. The EP, consisting of five songs with a total runtime of 14 minutes, takes listeners on a mellow yet captivating journey through Kirby’s laid-back flow and sharp lyricism over Lofi beats.

    Each subsequent track on the EP maintains a similar sonic landscape. However, it’s the second track, “Ferris Wheel,” where Kirby deviates from his relaxed tempo, injecting a burst of energy that keeps the listening experience dynamic. This change of pace is short-lived as he seamlessly transitions back to his signature chilled-out vibe on “Viaggo Freestyle.”

    Kirby’s musical journey is evident in his masterful fusion of sounds, influenced by the likes of Mac Miller, Westside Boogie, Monte Booker, and The Wu-Tang Clan. His relaxed delivery perfectly complements his truly honest lyrics, which effortlessly blend with the Lofi-style hip-hop instrumentals that define his work. When he’s not collaborating with his co-collaborator, Sir Rollie, Kirby takes the reins of the production himself, crafting his own bouncy lo-fi sound that has become his signature.

    “I’ve wanted to do a whole project with Sir Rollie for some time now. We worked together on a couple of songs on my last project, ‘boyslikeflowers,’ and this EP we made consists mostly of some cuts that got left out,” Kirby reveals. “I am often producing myself, so this project was mostly me testing my writing ability. We had a lot of fun making it, and I hope that is what people retain when they hear it.”

    Outside is a testament to okaykirby’s evolution as an artist and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his craft. With its captivating blend of introspective lyrics, smooth flow, and carefully curated beats, the EP offers a glimpse into Kirby’s artistic journey and leaves listeners eagerly anticipating what he’ll create next.


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