Olumide’s Discography Gets Chopped Not Slopped Treatment


    As a treat to his fanbase majority, Olumide pays homage to Houston, Texas and delivers a new EP, “Slowed Down & Smoked Out.” With his bit of flavor, Baltimore, Maryland producer Atrvxx takes the DJ Screw “Chopped And Screwed” creation and delivers fan favorite chops from Olumide’s library including an all new original track, “Soldier

    I’ve always been a fan of Southern music. Texas shows me a lot of love on my streaming apps, particularly Pandora. So I want to see how they like this. This for them.

    At 7-tracks in length, the project streams about 20 minutes in length. If it’s not for you, don’t hesitate to dip. If, however, you’re amendable to the lost art of Chopping and Screwing, prepare to immerse yourself. The up-tempo vibes of Olumide’s curated soundtracks are slowed, giving the entire project a hazy aesthetic. Voices are pitched down several octaves, and tempos are cut in half. Admittedly, this leads to some tracks being harder than others. Stream the new project down below.