‘Open Treehouse’ Shows The Artistic Prowess of Ohio’s Joey Aich


    Open Treehouse, a project by Ohio’s own Joey Aich features an all-Ohio roster of talent from the artists contributing musically to the cover art by Columbus visual artist, Hakim Callwood. OTH, highly anticipated by his audience, builds upon 2020 singles Rossi on the DeckCastle, and EP, Construction.

    At 10-tracks in length, since its release, people have gravitated towards Extra Sauce produced by 7h7m. During his rise in the Ohio music scene, Joey has been forced to take on more than he’s capable of managing. Whether it be personal relationships, romantic relationships, or prioritizing my own personal goals. There has been a constant swirl of responsibilities that follow him, which causes him to feel like there may be too much on my plate. If there is one record to listen to besides the aforementioned singles that will show people what the album sounds like this is the one unless you already have one in mind. Stream the new project down below.