New Zealand-Based Songstress Paige Shares Her Mesmerizing New Single ‘Waves’


Making her debut on our page this week, New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Paige shares her latest single Waves. The mesmerizing new single manages to capture Paige’s mellifluous vocals once paired with the smooth instrumentation. The theme of the track revolves around the ups and downs of becoming a better version of herself as she sings: These feelings come in waves/I know I’ve got some things I need to change/To be better
Yeah, they come in waves

The track was recently accompanied by stunning new visuals that bring the lyrics to life. Directed by Vision Thing, the intro is treated like a cinematic movie opening, enough to get you hooked to watch the full video. Various camera transitions and a plethora of lively scenery adds an extra element to the already solid track. Check it out up above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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