papa mbye Continues to Pave His Own Path on “Pixel”

    papa mbye is making a strong case for why he should be on everyone’s radar. His 2021 EP MANG FI led by the standout single “Only Right,” was the perfect introduction to his unique sound and did an excellent job setting him up for success. His first single of the year, “Passenger,” showed that mbye had plenty more to offer. Now, looking to close the fourth quarter of the year out on a solid note, the Minneapolis-based multi-hyphenate returns with his new single “Pixel.”

    papa mbye’s work couldn’t be anything but personal. He wears his music on his skin, peeling off another layer of the dermis with every new song, and “Pixel” stays true to that statement. mbye has an unmatched ability to make a song feel simultaneously nostalgic and futuristic, existing perfectly in sync with time. Produced by Frankie Scoca, Alex David Kimball, and papa mbye, “Pixel” sees the rising artist taking all the aspects that make his music great and balling them up into one phenomenal offering.

    MANG FI laid a foundation for papa mbye to hit his creative stride, and “Pixel” makes good on that initial promise. “Pixel” is papa mbye at his best. His songwriting, performance, and tone all create something personal and distinct. If these past offerings indicate where his music is heading, then we’re definitely anticipating his debut project when the time comes.

    Listen to “Pixel” below.


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