papichuloteej Stands Out With Incredible New Single ‘Stockton’

    Innovative indie-pop artist papichuloteej continues his rise. The Las Vegas native has garnered a loyal following with his melodic and indie-driven sound, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. With songs like ‘Do Better‘ and ‘Burn in The Sun‘ allowing him to step into the spotlight, his new single, ‘Stockton,’ experiments with something new, and it just might be his best song yet.

    At almost 3-minutes in streaming length, ‘Stockton‘ has it all. From a cadenced hook to creative punchlines that showcase papichuloteej’s unique sound, the new single signifies a new era for the singer/songwriter. Speaking on the release, papichuloteej had this to say:

    I started working with this band out of Arizona that goes by fearofmakingout. I experimented with that grunge sound for a little bit, but they knew how to capture the sound I was going for.

    papichuloteej’s creative ability and consistency have allowed him to soar and reach new heights with his music and, ‘Stockton‘ has us looking forward to whatever else is coming down the pipeline. Check out the single down below. 


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