Pariah Pete’s New Single “Sunkissed” Was Made for the Summer

    Pariah Pete’s new single “Sunkissed” was made for the summer. Coming off the release of ’21 “Real Friends,” Pete has put out consistently memorable material that has made him an artist to take note of. His polished sound is a stunning combination of funk and hip-hop that continues to set him apart and elevate his profile with each release. His latest offering resulted from a new creative process for Pete, marking the first release in his extensive catalog featuring his live band, The Mercuries.

    Written by Pariah Pete and The Mercuries and produced by Stravs and Jacob Unterreiner, the new offering is an evolution of Pete’s sound. It showcases his ever-growing maturity as an artist. The song is harmonically complex, lyrically intricate, structurally unique, and groovy as hell, and it begs to be put on repeat.

    And while “Sunkissed” is a huge turning point in Pete’s artistic journey, it is only the beginning. Pete and The Mercuries are already back in the studio working on a project that combines elements of 70s soul, 80s synth funk, Latin jazz, and modern hip-hop. With an ear for groovy instrumentals and impressive flows, he makes putting together high-quality music seem easy. As Pete says in the outro of “Sunkissed,” “mind you, I wanna make the shit that you can cry to/get high to/finally put the past behind you.” And he’s doing exactly that.

    Listen to “Sunkissed” below.


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