Pat Ron Confirms Album With Impressive New Track ‘Never Another This Fly’

    Dallas artist Pat Ron needs to be on your radar if he isn’t already. His rap style is somewhat of a rarity in today’s generation, and he proves that with his latest offering, ‘Never Another This Fly.’ With his exceptional vocal delivery and smooth cadences, he has continued to impress with each new release. Not relying heavily on beats that mask the lyricism, Ron flexes his lyrical prowess over Por Vida’s production in a way that will force you to run this one back a few times.

    With a new album coming soon, Pat Ron is ready to be your new favorite rapper, and ‘Never Another This Fly’ is one of those records that has you looking forward to what’s to come. Check out the new single below via Spotify, and make sure to tap back in when the album drops.


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