Pe$o Pat Fleshes Out His Creative Journey With “Tandem”

    Emerging from the vibrant music scene of Rhode Island, Pe$o Pat captivates listeners with his latest single “Tandem,” showcasing the remarkable adaptability of his alternative R&B sound. Following the well-received releases of “Melatonin” and “Long Run,” this track cements itself as his triumphant third single of the year.

    With a fusion of soulful melodies and mesmerizing production, “Tandem” unveils Pe$o Pat’s artistic growth and undeniable talent, leaving no doubt that it represents his most exceptional work to date. His hushed vocals glide over the production in a way that creates immense replay value, forcing you to run this one back a few times. Embracing his unique style, Pe$o Pat continues to captivate audiences, solidifying his status as an emerging artist to keep on your radar.

    When asked how the song came together, Pe$o Pat shared: “‘Tandem’ came together during the pandemic. I decided to take a break from creating R&B music and wanted to tap into something more energetic and fast pace. Tony Andrew sent the beat, and I recorded what came to mind. The visuals take the experience to another level.”

    Pe$o Pat’s “Tandem” isn’t merely a mesmerizing single; it also signifies a new chapter in the artist’s career. With this track, Pe$o Pat fearlessly explores fresh elements, pushing the boundaries of his sound and embarking on an exciting journey of artistic experimentation.

    Listen to “Tandem” below:


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