pinkcaravan! Is Back With a New Swag Dripping in ‘Hot Sauce’

    Cover: @popotepower

    After a silent 2019, pinkcaravan! is back with a new swag dripping in Hot Sauce. pinkcaravan! floats over bubbly production from go-to producer Namesake. and marks 2020 as her year, chanting “trying to go from nothing to something” in the hook while listing off her favorite food combinations in the verse.

    pinkcaravan! puts her swag on display in lyrics “popping my collar” and tells her haters “if you talking to me crazy, you ain’t talking to me!” She also calls back to early 2000s era rap lyrics with “ay bay bay” and “betcha can’t do it like me.” 

    Take a listen to the new single down below.


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