Plewto Smith Flexes His Dynamic Range in ‘I Hate Your Boyfriend’

    Blending melodic harmonies, raw lyrics over 808s, and hard snares, Atlanta’s Plewto Smith tells his own version of real-life with charisma and shameless truth. With strong bodies of work under his belt like Diary of a Lonely Trick (2019) and A Heartbreak Away (2020,) Smith’s songs are stories about hard love and hard living.

    His latest release I Hate Your Boyfriend falls in line with what we’re used to hearing from the budding artist. Smith’s choices are thoughtful and deliberate throughout the record, choosing specific moments to underscore with harmonies but leaving the rest of the melody untouched and bare. The new single sees Plewto Smith delivering a standout song that is a testament to his impressive range. Check out the new single down below.


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