Premiere: Lose Yourself in Sú North’s Dreamy New Single “Yellow”

    Sú North, an alternative hip hop/rap artist, has released his latest single, “Yellow,” along with a music video. The track seamlessly blends lo-fi rap, indie rap, contemporary hip-hop, and chillwave, exploring themes of self-love and unbridled joy. Sú North is known for his introspective and charismatic lyricism, evident in this upbeat and ambient song. A simple, melodic piano, infectious bass lines, dance-worthy drum beats, and a smooth trumpet towards the end accompany the verses. The chorus draws inspiration from Coldplay’s track of the same name (“And it was all yellow”), providing a refreshing break from the chaos of daily life.

    Speaking on the release, Sú North shared: “The track was created out of the joy self-love brings, the joy I have for others I love, and the joy of other people loving me.” “Yellow is a color associated with the sun. It symbolizes optimism, energy, joy, happiness, and friendship,” he added.

    Directed and edited by Sú North and produced by DP Marcel Scott of Summit Sessions, the music video for “Yellow” was filmed in the Bay Area and offers viewers a cinematic experience. The scenes are bathed in warm tones and bright lights, featuring seascapes and intimate moments under blankets, which enhance the song’s calming qualities.

    There is no better way to personify the way that “Yellow” sounds than a slow-motion shot of Sú North jumping in the sand with his trumpet player, the instrument adorned with blooming flowers. “Yellow” is a celebration, a triumph for the artist and the listener.

    Watch the new video for “Yellow” below.


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