Prin$e Alexander Bares His Soul on New Single “Suffer In Silence”

    Hailing from the outskirts of Philadelphia, Prin$e Alexander’s sound often blurs and blends genres. A tuneful tailor with the ability to stitch together a multitude of sounds, his musical prowess is exemplified by his unique fusion of soul, funk, and hip-hop, rendered through a fast-paced, melodic arrangement. Whatever words you choose to describe Alexander, one thing is certain: his excellence is emotive.

    “Suffer In Silence” showcases Alexander’s signature emotion-infused vocals, which are calm in nature but have a foreboding undertone swimming just underneath the surface. On the melancholic chorus over a soft percussion, he croons, “Out of space there ain’t nowhere to find them / I get better with pressure like diamonds / In the field tryna build like a Mayan / Please don’t make me resort to the violence / They are spreading the hate like a virus.”

    Prin$e Alexander described “Suffer In Silence” as a culmination of all the experiences and emotions society has gone through over the last four years. “This song reflects the common man or woman in those moments of silent suffering and the journey through them. It’s a deeply personal piece that encapsulates the highs and lows, the pain, and ultimately the strength of resilience.” Alexander shared about the song’s inspiration. Considering this single a rebirth compared to his previous work, Alexander feels he’s reached a point in his artistry where he’s more concerned about getting a message across in his music instead of just sounding good sonically.

    While still very early in his career, Prin$e Alexander’s soul has survived many millennia. It’s often rare to find an artist who gives themself so much grace to experiment and swim against the current, all while creating something someone of any taste palette can be awed by. With deeply intricate production, there is purpose in every note of this single. “This single serves as a glimpse into the sonic landscape and thematic direction I’m exploring with my upcoming music. It’s a deliberate representation of the style and storytelling I aim to develop, but it can’t be forced.” This statement encapsulates his approach: an unhurried, thoughtful exploration of sound and narrative that reflects both his timeless essence and his willingness to push boundaries.

    Listen to “Suffer In Silence” below.


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