Prism Tribe Announces New Album ‘Dog Days’ & Shares New Video


Today, PRISM TRIBE returns to the scene to release the first single off their second effort DOG DAYS. RIVERSIDE is a lyrically driven vomit of the mouth freestyle where core members Jimmy Luna, Jesusontherocks, SckSolo, and Ash Sekito showcase their clever wordplay and their own twist on reality as they know it.

Each member brings their own taste and archetype to the song with SckSolo displaying a rapid fire-style verse, Ash Sekito bringing a sinister yet energetic verse in classic Atlanta hip hop fashion, Jesus bringing an entendre-filled mantra and “squeaky voice” outro at the end and Jimmy opening with an animated verse, all displaying their own unique versatilities within the collective. DOG DAYS serves as PRISM TRIBE’s latest project in two years following their first release PTWW$$EW Vol. I.

Listen to RIVERSIDE down below:

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