Jxylen’s New EP ‘Prophecy: A New Day’ Cements Him as a Prominent New Voice

    Jxylen successfully displays his unique sound on his newly released 6-song EP Prophecy: A New Day all while consistently maintaining a high-caliber flow. Hailing from Springfield, Massachusetts Jxylen has turned heads with his versatility and ability to write captivating tracks. The new EP is an infectious collection of tracks that will have you discovering new favorite moments with each listen.

    On the recent release of Prophecy: A New Day, Jxylen linked up with E.N.G Creation, a producer based out of the UK that’s known to work with artist like Mick Jenkins, created a body of work that has a more soulful approach while staying true to self with gritty lyrics especially on lead single “The Prayer.”

    Via Jxylen

    The most interesting aspect of Jxylen is his nonconformity. The monotonic leaning-track “New Year/New Beginning” serves as a solid opener to the EP, with its high-energy and gritty production. Other tracks such as “The Prayer” and “Something Out of Nothing” are equally compelling and aggressive.

    Prophecy: A New Day is brimming with tracks that are emotive, melancholic, and, most notably, outright infectious. The strength of Jxylen’s rapping exhibits his ability to jump between genres without ever expensing or sacrificing quality. Check out the new EP down below via Spotify and head over here for your preferred streaming services.


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