Radamiz’s ‘Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes’ Broadens The Brooklyn MC’s Spectrum


    Brooklyn’s own Radamiz is a force to be reckoned with. The 26-year-old New York emcee holds nothing back with the release of his new album, Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes.

    At 14-tracks, the album streams 50 minutes in length and Radamiz spares not one minute. Mainly, it’s the variation that makes this album so intriguing. Radamiz has been known to bear his heart on tracks throughout his catalog without sacrificing his hard edge. The body of work will undoubtedly satisfy the itch of core fans, but it also opens up his sound, allowing him to push the envelope of his overall ambiance comfortably.

    Radamiz’s journey finds him heaving things off his chest and slamming them onto tracks, leaving no stone unturned in his self-examination. His pen game is crazy, and a consistent taunt on this project is that he hasn’t begun to spit his hardest bars yet.

    Wherever Radamiz’s quest leads him, he can go forth knowing he released a well-crafted album branded by solid sonics and naked honesty. Nothing Changes if Nothing Changes is a worthy foray into an artist’s soul. Stream it down below.