Reggie Becton Is Back With the Visual Pairing to His Latest Single “Listenin’”

    R&B newcomer, Reggie Becton is back with the visual pairing to his latest single “Listenin’,” which has garnered over 200K streams since its August release. Directed by Moy, Megan Jordan, and Becton himself, the visual shows him playfully enjoying the high that comes with toxic love. “With this video, I wanted to show the rollercoaster of emotions men and women experience when dealing with unrequited love,” said Becton when discussing the visual’s inspiration. He adds, “I wanted to create a visual that paid homage to the R&B sound and videos seen at the start of the new Millenium, so I watched videos from artists like Aaliyah, Usher, and even Brandy and Monica’s hit song ‘The Boy is Mine’ for inspiration.” With smooth vocals, moves, and vulnerable lyrics, Becton delivers a performance that is sure to set him apart from his peers.

    Reggie Becton’s “Listenin’” is a heartbreak anthem that speaks on toxic love and provides a refreshing male perspective on how men confront their emotions and inner demons. For Becton, being unguarded and open about relationships and life is the lifeline of his music; his lyrics often feel like unadulterated journal entries. “At its core, ‘Listenin’’ is about a yearning for someone you know isn’t really good for your being. It serves as one last call to a lover to see if they’re ‘Listenin’” and if they understand that you are dying without them. It is about the end of a relationship that never really got off the ground, but it was still deeply felt,” explains Becton. The song is the last call to action for Becton’s now distant lover to listen and understand his point of view, even if that point of view isn’t perfect. With his compelling vulnerability on the track, Becton still remains raw and aggressive, which appeals to men from all walks of life, transcending age, sexuality, and race. Check out the new down below.


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