Reggie Becton Shines on His New Project “Sadboy, Vol. 1”

    “Love” is a complex subject to describe. There’s no easy way to define or showcase it to the masses. Most times, the difficult feelings constantly on display are misconstrued and hardly understood beneath the surface. Reggie Becton perfectly portrays these realities and imperfections in his project, Sadboy, Vol 1.

    The Maryland native stuns through the length of the project. On the final record, “Call” Becton recites the line “memories associated with images all attached.” This overall sums up the message of a beautiful project. As you listen to each record, you can paint a visual picture of the intentionality behind Becton’s lyrics. Many are caption-worthy and have a sense of relatability to make listeners think Sadboy could be their story. He impresses with his narration of those complicated feelings of attachment.

    “Sadboy, Vol. 1” cover art

    Sonically described by a dark, enigmatic aura, Sadboy Vol. 1 has the cinematic feeling listeners look for. The distinctive variety of production is tasteful and compliments Becton’s smooth-settling vocals. Sadboy, Vol. 1 is breathtaking and fitting for the representation of the new era of R&B. Becton carries the vocal traits of legends in the genre, making him a household name to be attentive to.

    You can check out his new project, SadBoy, Vol.1, below, and be sure to keep up with all he has coming up.


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