Reggie Becton’s Focus Can’t Be Knocked on ‘Sway’

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but Reggie Becton has to be easily one of the most overlooked and slept-on R&B artists. He’s got a voice that’s smooth like butter, and his songwriting ability is unmatched. His new single ‘Sway,’ is all the proof in the world that Becton can create magic under any circumstances, including being trapped in a love spell.

    We are all guilty of admiring someone’s beauty and essence from a distance. Becton took that concept further in his new release by painting the picture for listeners of what it’s like for your muse to have your undivided attention. Trying not to lose his focus on what’s important, we get to hear him going through the motions.

    The single was produced and written by Jahnei ClarkeAidan Carroll, and Becton himself. The creative trio does everything in their power to create a timeless song, and they accomplished it. ‘Sway’ has that nostalgic feel to it, but at the same time, you can still tell that this is something we’ve never heard of, especially for how intricate and advanced the production is. Becton continuously changes the tone and inflection of his voice to keep up with the momentum he builds throughout the song. All-in-all, I enjoyed this single for bringing some new vibes to the R&B landscape.

    Listen to ‘Sway’ below and keep an eye out for the music video slated to drop soon.


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