Review: KeiyaA Bares Her Soul on Debut Album ‘Forever, Ya Girl’


    New York rooted, Chicago-raised vocalist and producer KeiyaA charmed the world with her successful debut album, Forever, Ya Girl. The delicate crooner dissects her moods once again, thus offering us great moments of grace. She comes out with a grand collection of smooth, soulful songs that only get more interesting as you pay attention to lyrics.

    There are some really fantastic pieces of instrumentation with beautiful guitar riffs, some brilliant uses of horns on certain tracks, and human voices getting used as pieces of the production. KeiyaA’s style is quite unique, and the way she incorporates various moods is always creative and interesting while still remaining true to her identity.

    KeiyaA continues her exploration of value and identity through a sonically textured, thematically dense record. KeiyaA interacts with her sonic environment in exceptional ways. Her light, fragile vocals juxtapose well with the hard-hitting beats and funk melodies behind her. All of the different sounds are charged and connected through a beautiful sense of community. The love that clearly went into this album is evident, and it feels super easy. KeiyaA continues to push this genre forward by valuing her desires and community over traditional narratives. We get a little closer to KeiyaA’s world. For a while, her imagination becomes our reality. Stream the full album down below.