Ricky Mapes Stands Tall With New Single “Big Mapes”

    Ricky Mapes joins Texas producer, Cuffedgod for his latest single, “Big Mapes.”

    The Bronx’s very own Ricky Mapes is no stranger to showcasing his lyrical talent in ways that are quickly describable as smooth, uplifting, and intricate. With his latest single, he proves all those to be true. The track, produced by Texas native Cuffedgod, describes Ricky’s life in ways that make the everyday trials and tribulations of a New Yorker sound elegant and luxurious. The sample-based production and breaks between each verse flow so effortlessly in the listener’s ear that it gives the track a sense of relief. “Big Mapes” feels so comforting, and you could replay it over and over without hesitation.

    Since their recent meetup, the two have shown their efforts in organic collaboration. “Big Mapes” is simply the beginning of what’s possibly to come of the two in their future endeavors in music. Mapes style coincides with Cuffedgod’s production so well it’s almost like two cars merging perfectly into the same lane for only a short few minutes. Not only does Mapes showcase his lyrical ability, but his natural ability to blend with a producer on the same wavelength effortlessly. From releases like “Tears of Clown” back in 2020 to his stretch of singles this year, we are excited to hear what Ricky Mapes brings to the table as time goes on.

    Stream “Big Mapes” below, and keep your eyes peeled for what else Ricky Mapes has to offer.


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