Rising Baltimore Artist 4KMicheal Shares Video for His Incredible New Single “Mafia”

    If this name sounds unfamiliar to you, consider this me putting you on. 4KMicheal has captivated listeners with his innate ability to craft hard-hitting singles full of flair and infectious energy. The DIY Baltimore rap standout always brings something worthy of a conversation, and his latest visual offering, ‘Mafia,’ is no different. Armed with an understated, boisterous vocal delivery and a knack for vivid storytelling, ‘Mafia’ is the perfect introduction to 4KMicheal’s artistry for those who aren’t hip.

    The video for “Mafia,” directed by Brandon Armstrong, is a carefully crafted visual masterpiece that breathes life into 4KMicheal’s ethereal and atmospheric flow, genuinely reflecting the essence of his music brand. It features seamless transitions, exceptional color grading, and cinematic shots that transform the rapper into a captivating mob boss figure. His confident lyrics and outstanding performance in this song make it stand out, showcasing his versatility in a remarkable way.

    Check out the new video below:


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