Rising Artist Yoshi Vintage Shares Video for Her Incredible New Single ‘VCR’

    With each new release, LA-based, Flint Michigan-bred artist Yoshi Vintage continues to raise her stock. With a slew of singles out this year that better amplified her unique sound, Yoshi is preparing her 2022 takeover early with the release of her latest offering “VCR.”

    Produced by Python, “VCR” is Yoshi at her best. The new single continues to build off her impressive sound while leaning on all the unique qualities that set her apart from her contemporaries. The single is also accompanied by a self-directed video that brings another fantastic element to an already dope track. Yoshi’s raw energy is displayed throughout the video that plays out like a short film. Whether she’s putting her rapid flow on display in the first half of the video or taking a melancholy approach in the second, Yoshi is blazing her trail, and “VCR” is another banger in her evergrowing collection. Check out the new video below.


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