Chicago’s Worry Club Distances Themselves From Reality On “Nothin”

    Have you ever been in one of those moods where you just wanted to escape reality? The newly released single from Chicago-based collective Worry Club perfectly describes what it’s like to feel empty inside. “Nothin” understands that nothing else compares to the frustration that being idle causes.

    Speaking of being idle, that’s the opposite of the tone of this song. This track had me so amped up, it gave me the impression that I’d be able to run through a wall. The explosive production will have you on edge as the band’s production delivers a thrilling rock sound that we’ve come to expect, constantly providing an engaging listen. But behind it, all, are Chase Walsh’s frozen lyrics, as he now has become numb to the pain.

    “Nothin” is a compelling song, reminding you it’s okay to go through the motions and feel them. This is one of the lead singles off their soon-to-be-released EP and it made a great first impression.

    Listen to “Nothin” below.


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