Rising DMV Artist Juice Davis Drops Heartfelt Single “Pain (Bad Rep)”

    Music-wise, the DMV has a renowned reputation for producing successful musical acts. This is further exemplified by the emergence of rising DMV artist Juice Davis, hailing from Virginia, and his latest $ummertime Rice-produced single, “Pain (Bad Rep).” This song showcases Davis’ skill in hip-hop and R&B and has a slow tempo as he reflects on how those close to us may not always have our best interests at heart.

    When breaking down how “Pain (Bad Rep)” came together, Davis details how a falling out with the group around him led to the creation. Davis explained it best by saying, “this single came together one night after getting into an altercation with a group of people I hung around for a while. Things started to fall off because nobody was trying to understand my point of view of things.” He added, “I didn’t feel support from anybody. This song means the most to me because it’s from the heart. Nothing is sugar coded. It gives you a summary of what I had to deal with daily with those who were around me.” 

    Listeners are sure to resonate with “Pain (Bad Rep)” because, more often than not, many of us feel like we may not be appreciated and supported in our groups. It’s easy to surround yourself with people you may think you’re close to until they inevitably show their true colors. 

    With all of the promising talent coming out of the DMV area, Juice Davis is surely on top of that list. Be sure to keep an eye out as he gears up to release his upcoming album, “I Hope It Was Worth It,” and another single on the way.

    Listen to “Pain (Bad Rep)” below.


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